Police Raid in Moscow’s NGINX HQ


Russian police raided Nginx’s Moscow offices, a company that’s behind the open source web server and reverse proxy server suite, a fast-growing alternative to Apache (about 30% of websites use Nginx, including Netflix and Twitch).

According to local media, in addition to the raid at the Nginx offices, Russian police have arrested Igor Sysoev, Nginx’s conceptual founder and his colleague and co-founder, Maxim Konovalov.

Russian media says that the police raid was carried out because of alleged violation of property rights, and the complainant is Rambler, the Russian Internet portal that also deals with services and electronic mail.

Rambler claims Sysoev programmed Nginx while working as a system administrator at Rambler. Therefore, Rambler is the owner of Nginx, not the Nginx or its owner, the US company F5 Networks (acquired Nginx in March for $ 670 million).

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