Microsoft’s Latest Research Before Launching Edge on Linux


Since the announcement that Microsoft is abandoning the development of its web technology – EdgeHTML, and developing of its Chromium-based browser, it has become clear that Edge will be able to function on multiple operating systems, not just Windows 10.

Currently trial versions of Chromium’s Edge are available on Windows 10, 8, 7 and macOS, and it has been announced several times that a Linux version may be available.

This is particularly noteworthy because of the criticisms previously made by Microsoft about Linux and the open source community in general, led by Steve Ballmer. Now with Satya Nadel headed, the story is completely different, Microsoft in many areas collaborate and publish open source software.

Microsoft developers working on Edge have already confirmed that a Linux version of this browser will be introduced sometime in the future, and now it looks more likely.

They asked via Twitter “help” from developers related to certain assumptions, as they call them. They are interested in which distributions are used by developers, which browsers and similar issues.

Since Chromium is also available on Linux, it is expected that Microsoft will not have to do anything very special to bring Chromium-based Edge to Linux as well. This still seems to be a “tactical” and business decision, not whether it is possible and how complicated it is.

Microsoft wants more developers to begin to see the company as friendly to their community, so it seems that the chances go in the direction that Edge will get a Linux version.

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