How To Install Spacewalk Server on CentOS 7 Linux


Spacewalk is an open-source system management tool that has a lot of functionality, such as software and hardware listings, remote command execution, kickstart installations, configuration file management, but one of the most widely used is the routing of RedHat and its derivatives (CentOS and Fedora), also used for Susse and it works on a server-agent principle and the program itself is a derivative of Redhat’s Satellite (Red Hat Satellite) program.

In short, you log in via the browser into the Space Console itself, list all the systems that are attached to the Spacewalk – and they can be rich, you will be shown immediately which critical packages have not been updated, you can select all or burn packages that you do not want to update and shut down update on all servers. In the program itself, you can track where something is installed and whether it is successful or not.

In this tutorial, we will only go through the installation of this program on CentOS 7 Linux, and in some further, we will deal with adding clients, repositories with client packages, other functionalities and more.

Now remains the part about the initial setup, which runs with the command …

Where you need to fill in the required details regarding the setting of the SPacewalk and Certificate. Example from this installation…

All you have to do is log in through the browser and adjust the details of the organization’s name and superadmin.


Which brings us to the Home screen of Spacewalk, which makes this part complete

Congratulations! You have successfully install Spacewalk on CentOS.

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