How to Manage Active Directory Hosted on AWS Cloud

How to Manage Active Directory Hosted on AWS Cloud

AWS WorkSpaces is one of Amazon’s services that provides a fully managed cloud service that provides users with a desktop / workstation in the cloud.

AWS Directory Service is an Amazon service that comes with multiple ways of setting up and working with Amazon’s Cloud Directory. It enables opportunity for creating instances on AWS Managed Microsoft AD, created on Microsoft Directory Services.

Active Directory Administration Tools are Microsoft tools for managing users and devices in Active Directory.

Using AWS WorkSpaces will require a directory to create and manage users who have access to cloud-based computers. Active Directory Administration Tools are available for Windows 7, 8 and 10 and you can install them on WorkSpace. On your WorkSpace is assigned a directory user and if you install AD Administration Tolls you will have easy access to the domain.

Installation of Active Directory Administration Tools on AWS WorkSpace

Log in to Windows AWS WorkSpace with the AWS WorkSpace Client.

Go to Control Panel and select Programs and Features.

Select Windows features on or off and than AD DS and AD LDS Tools.

After the AD administration tool is added, the operating system may need to be restarted. After this the tools are installed. In Windows search tool start typing “Active Directory” you will soon see “Active Directory Users and Computers” tool.

You must start “AD Users and Computers” with a user who is authorized to manage users. This is a user administrator that is created, along with the Directory instance.

You will then be able to see the AD Users and Computers tool that enables user management. Find the users directory in the “domain name” folder.

Select an existing user and then “Properties” to manage the user details.

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