How to Install and Sync Data with Dropbox Client on Ubuntu 18.04 / 19.04

install dropbox on ubuntu

Dropbox online storage provides us supporting for Linux or Ubuntu. Dropbox service can also be used to back up your local data from your PC to the cloud. In the event your PC crashes, your data stored online can easily be restored back to your local machine.

Dropbox offers varying options. The Free service with 2GB of free online storage whereas in Pro you can get as much as we want depending on our requirements.

When it comes to installing Dropbox, there are many ways to do it. This tutorial shows you and new users how to install Dropbox client software on Ubuntu 18.04 or latest Ubuntu 19.04 systems from command line

Open the Ubuntu command line, the Terminal, either through the Dash or through the Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut.

Step 1. Installing Dropbox from Command Line

We will install the wget package using the apt command.

Dropbox cli version is available for both 32 and 64 bit editions, we will download Dropbox upon out version.

After executing this command, It will create a new hidden folder named .dropbox-dist in our $HOME directory.

Run the following command to start the Dropbox from .dropbox-dist folder.

Now open the browser and navigate to the above link to connect system with your Dropbox account and enter Dropbox username, password and click Sign-in.

The server is connected to your Dropbox account, you should see a message like below.

Folder named Dropbox will be created in our home directory. You must keep the data in this folder to access it from any other connected devices.


Congratulations! You have successfully installed Dropbox on Ubuntu 18.04 and 19.04.

Now the Dropbox client will keep running until you stop it by pressing CTRL + C. You should start it manually every time when you want to use Dropbox.

Step 2. Starting Dropbox Automatically Every Reboot

You can make Dropbox service to automatically start on every reboot. First create a systemd service unit for Dropbox.

Add the following lines:

Replace User, Group and dropbox cli path /usr/local/bin/ with our own values. Save and quite the file.

Reload daemon using command below.

Enable dropbox service using command below.

Start dropbox service using command below.

Now dropbox service will automatically start at every reboot.

Check running of the service using command below.

Now to automatically sync your data online to your Dropbox account, just copy them into the Dropbox folder in your home directory… All connected devices to your Dropbox account will see the new files and folders almost instantly after adding them to the Dropbox folder in Ubuntu..

That’s it!

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