How to List All Users in Linux System

Todays OS have the capability to use multiple users, each one with their settings and custom configurations to make things easier for administrators and operators to work in together on…

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How to Remove Files and Directories in Linux Command Line

How to delete a file in Linux? How to delete a directory in Linux? Let’s see how to do both of these tasks with one powerfull command called rm.In this…

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recover/restore deleted files in linux

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files In Linux

Did this ever happen to you? Accidentally or intentionally on your system using Shift+Delete or delete option or empty Trash. After that you get that horrible feeling when you realize…

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install gimp on ubuntu

How to Install GIMP Image Editor on Ubuntu 18.04

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free distributed and open-source image editor for manipulating images. The latest version of GIMP comes with a new revamped UI and usability changes….

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chrome ubuntu install

How to Download and Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 18.04

Google Chrome is the most powerful and widely used web browser these days. It is fast, secure and full of features…simply built for the modern web. Based on Chromium, an…

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How to Install Roadiz Modern CMS on Ubuntu 18.04

Roadiz is a modern Node-based CMS designed to handle many types of web projects and other services. Based on Symfony components and Doctrine ORM, it allows you to create your…

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